Marriage Matters

Last Monday, when I returned home from a visit to Baltimore, I turned on the tv to unwind and prep for the second shift when my son gets home from school.  While channel surfing the listings I noticed The Leon Show, truth be told I thought it would be something like The Cleveland Show.  Instead, I heard the host, Leon Fontaine introduce the author of the book about marriage, Handle With Care by Pastor Andy Thompson.  Within minutes, Pastor Thompson saying that he always tells the male members of the church that he pastors about the blessing of a wife and marriage.  ‘Wow’, I said to myself, ‘he is really excited about being married.’  When Pastor Thompson said, “I say to guys, what are you talking about the best sex I’ve ever had has been as a married person, the most fun I’ve ever had is as a married person, we have a blast together.” Where is my phone, I have to call somebody and tell about this Christian brother talking about sex on tv.  Christian marriage, he sold it. You can watch the episode too, here is the link to the 2/9 appearance and the 2/10 appearance.

This is not the end of the story. My husband is in Phoenix, AZ, this week for the 2015 Pastoral Summit hosted by Bishop Walter Thomas.  Monday night, when he called he said, “Guess who I just met?” It was Pastor Andy Thompson. If you pay attention you will notice when the abiding providence and presence of God winks.

 Pastor Andy Thompson & the husband in Phoenix Pastor Andy Thompson & the husband in Phoenix


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