The Power of Forgiveness

                                        Dr. Rosemarie Downer

                                       Dr. Rosemarie Downer

If you watch The Today Show you may have noticed the series “One Small Thing” a new feature of the show. Truth be told, I have only see 2 of them, but today’s “One Small Thing” for Family and Friendship Friday was about Forgiveness. Elizabeth Lombardo was the psychologist who spoke about the topic. She gave a rationale and a strategy for forgiveness. She also talked about the benefit of forgiveness, in that it benefits the person who gives it. For me, this series clip was a divine bookend for the week and I want to share.

Forgiveness was the focus last Monday night, in our women’s ministry session at Highland Park. We were blessed to have Dr. Rosemarie T Downer as our guest. Dr. Downer is the author of the book The High Call of Forgiveness: It’s A Mandate. It was a tremendous night,  I believe I speak for all who attended. For Christians, forgiveness is not an option as Dr. Downer told us, it is a requirement. She also said, “forgiveness is impossible to do on our own, we need the Holy Spirit.” She spoke about how memories can trap a person, sometimes we remember too much…every offense. Regarding offenses, Dr. Downer told us an “offense is more than just about you, it is a strategy of the enemy to keep us from bonding with one another.” Without a doubt, Dr. Downer left us with powerful insights and motivation on the necessity of forgiveness. not only for our emotional health but because it is a sure way to a better relationship with God or as Dr. Downer says it is an act of liberation, it will set you free. I encourage you to get a copy of her book. I already have mine.

The First to Apologize is the Bravest
The First to Forgive is the Strongest
The First to Forget is the Happiest



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