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I have good news. My Instagram account was recovered. I got it back y’all! This is how it happened. Yes, I followed the steps detailed in this post about the hack. While going through those steps, I was asking anybody if they know anybody who works at Instagram. This was one of the suggestions I read about during one of my online marathon reads on IG recovery. I looked at my daughter, who spent three summers as an intern at Google. I asked her if she knows anyone at Instagram. She told me she did not know anyone working at Instagram, this happens all the time, she told me, everyone just starts a new one. She told me she has one friend who’s had to start multiple IG accounts.

I had my new Instagram account, I’d posted about three times, but I just could not warm to the new one. Then I thought about Facebook, or more likely I read it in one of my late night online deep dives into my situation. My recall is a blur. Mark bought IG, didn’t he? Maybe someone at FB has an in at IG. I asked my daughter, “Do you know anyone who works at Facebook.” She told me, “Yes, but Facebook and Instagram are two different companies” To myself, I know they are two different companies and do you mean to tell me you know someone at Facebook and you have not alerted this person about my situation. I told my daughter,  “Humor me and just tell him my situation and see what he says, I read online that sometimes people get resolution by going through Facebook.” And that, my friends, is the beginning of how my original Instagram account was recovered.

We were in Orlando. My son has read all of the Harry Potter novels and we went to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Okay, maybe I enjoyed it more than I should have, for having never read any of the books. However, it was on our way back to Maryland, when my daughter told me to check my email. There was an email with a link to claim my account. Hallelujah.

 Scenes from the Wizarding World of Harry Patter Scenes from the Wizarding World of Harry Patter  more Stunning Visuals at Harry Potter's World more Stunning Visuals at Harry Potter’s World  and we had to save room for dessert from the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and we had to save room for dessert from the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Though my family did not understand me in my pursuit and it took me a minute to unwind my emotions, I know it was around my name. Or rather I should say my mother’s name. At some level I feel I did not do proper diligence to safeguard her name. More than likely this was one of the ways I felt a connection to my mother and when it was hacked I felt like I’d lost something and I should have been more careful. I’m better now, sharing my emotions helped me to hear my tangled sentiments and get a clear perspective. Still, that hacker’s face is off my Instagram and I’m happyglad.

 grateful for the help from my daughter and son grateful for the help from my daughter and son


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