I Grew Up in Ferguson

Lady Lenyar Robinson

Lady Lenyar Robinson of Dream Life Worship Center, Randallstown, MD, arrived in St. Louis, MO last night.  She was able to get to her parents’ home, for Thanksgiving, one hour before the airport closed and inbound planes were diverted to other airports due to reports of gunshots fired into the air.  When she was reached this a.m. by phone she said that it is difficult to articulate what is going on in her community. The systemic oppression and hopelessness of the young people is so sad.  It is unbelievable to me that people would take out their anger on their own community.  They have burned businesses to the ground.  There is a real sense of hopelessness, helplessness and distrust. My family and I are in shock and disappointment that the community where we have lived for many years, owned real estate, voted, and worshipped has suffered from the unjust treatment and profiling of law enforcement. Now, we are suffering violence from looters and opportunists who have turned their rage against the very community where they live. This is where I feel like we have to make a change.  Our foreparents paid a price with their blood and we have to actively participate in our communities.  One of my classmates ran for the prosecutor position and she lost because people in Ferguson did not show up at the polls to vote.  I believe we have to get involved.

Students from  George Washington and American, Howard and Georgetown universities lied on the ground in front of the White House in protest of the grand jury decision.   The GW Hatchet  Samuel Klein | Senior Photo Editor

I believe Christians have to exercise the power of prayer. Pray for peace, protection, and justice. Secondly, we have to exercise the power of influence.  Influence this generation in such a way that they will honor their history by voting, community involvement, education, and respectful living. Yes, it is a sad day, but it is my hope that THIS tragedy will facilitate change.


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