• Over the years I have used many recipes for chocolate chip cookies. The Original Toll …
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  • Of the books that came my way in 2018, three were from the author, Tonya Barbee. …
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  • Before I wrap my posts on travel and dining in England and Paris, I have …
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  • January 2014, on my first day in London, on Kingsway in Holborn, I was walking, amazed …
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  • My return to doctoral studies consumed time in ways I did not anticipate. When I …
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  • Friday Significant Feels
    Tonya Barbee is The Rose
    Two More Must See Places to   Add to Your List
    London – Where I Ate
    Paris – Where I Ate
    God’s Glamorous & Brainy Girls
    London & Paris – Where I Stayed
    Instagram Update
    Jennifer’s Joy
    My Instagram Hacked Facts
    The Evolution at Women Evolve 2018

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