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My return to doctoral studies consumed time in ways I did not anticipate. When I finished the spring semester, with no time to unwind, my summer class started. More than once asked myself, were you thinking? What were you thinking? Though it was fast paced and intense, my summer class is over. It was a good class. I’m glad I was able to take it, though when the semester ended I felt like a limp noodle.

I am happy to return to my travel posts from London and Paris, both to share and as a way to relive enjoyed experiences.

First up, my dining tips for Paris. I did not include every place where I had a meal, only the ones that bear note. And I’m sharing spots that are in my next time I go file. I have yet to explore Paris restaurants, as I would like, the main focus of the trip. It is still something to look forward to and I am open to invitations to tagalong on someone’s trip.


These are my most favorite Paris food takes

Angelina’s le chocolat chaud, I am not obsessed with chocolate the way many are, including members of my family. However, on the recommendation of my chocolate aficionado daughter, I ordered le chocolat chaud at Angelina’s café in the Galleries Lafayette. Le chocolat chaud is not hot chocolate as we know it in the states. It is something different, more like a mature, not too sweet, warm drinkable chocolate with a side of whipped cream. It is an experience and if you are in Paris this is something not to be missed.

Les Printemps’ rooftop has spectacular views of Paris, there is also a café. It re-opened January 2019 after being closed since 2017 for renovations. Perruche, new café has expanded dining options. This rooftop allows 360º views, consider it a definite must see destination.

Hippopotamus is a Paris version of fast casual steak house dining. There are multiple locations in Paris. I’ve had more than one meal at the Boulevard Beaumarchais location.  If you are in the mood for a French gourmet adventure, this is not your spot. However, it is child friendly and reliable with an easy to understand menu.

My favorite meal of all my meals in Paris was at Le Petit Italian. I know, I know, Italian food in Paris. However, when I traveled with friends for a 50th birthday celebration, the hotel desk clerk suggested this restaurant and he was right. The food was delicious, everyone in our group enjoyed. It was packed, the service was great, the chefs can be seen making pasta, we had a fabulous time.

In my next time I go file

Treize, a woman from South Carolina moved to Paris, stayed and opened a bakery, definitely on the list

Ralph Lauren’s brunch in the garden, weather permitting, reservations needed

and Ferdi

bon appétit et bonne santé


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