#LoveinthetimeofCorona – March 51, 2020 Quarantime

Since the beginning of March, we have gotten used to delays and cancelations attributed to coronavirus Covid-19. Not so with percussionist powerhouse and tonsorial wizard Daraile A Cunningham and coiffeur expert Sondra Marie Jenkins. They got married today! God Bless them, their children and families. It was a beautiful wedding, everyone looked sharp and the bride was beaming with love, joy and happiness, just the way it should be. If you’re like me, you’ve been to a wedding where it was obvious to all that something was akilter. Not so for the new Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham, I was so caught up watching them get hitched I forgot all about the virus.

the look of love the bride has for her groom
the groom giving his new daughter, Dakota, a promise necklace
the happy couple enjoying the love
Pastor Davis praying for the new family
the Cunninghams are married now

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