Late in the Midnight Hour March 92, 2020 Quarantime

Even before the murder of Mr. George Floyd, I was stuck, having a very difficult time absorbing the news surrounding the murder of Ms. Breonna Taylor. It breaks my heart that this beautiful young woman, who worked as an EMT and had a goal of becoming a nurse was executed in her home, in her bed, in the middle of the night. To read all of the indefensible lapses and errors that led to her murder is foul and criminal. In America, this kind of calamity only happens to people who are black and brown. I get it, the fury and protest that have erupted.

Ms. Breonna Taylor
Pastor Harold Carter (l) in 2015 talking to reporter about the unrest in Baltimore

Five years ago, after the service of Mr. Freddie Gray, my brother called to make sure that I had made it home after the funeral. He was home as well, but he said that he was heading back to church. The service for Mr. Gray was at New Shiloh Baptist, where my brother is pastor. When I asked him about this he told me he had to go. No, he did not have a specific plan. He said he wanted to be available. He wanted to be at the church. I heard in his voice that his mind was made up, he would be at his post of duty. As it turned out, other pastors and ministers also arrived at New Shiloh and before long they moved to the streets to quell the rising tensions between the protestors and the police.  They sang as they marched and when they approached the armed in riot gear police they knelt in the middle of the street and prayed.

Tonight I am Praying


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