Baking in the House In the House Baking – March, 127, 2020

A few weeks ago, I saluted my nephew Timothy Alphonso Carter on his graduation from UMBC, with a degree in mechanical engineering. Because he is a man of many talents, he has already added to his portfolio. Three weeks ago, I was writing a paper for school and he was at the door with delivery of his epicurean treats. The package had a label indicating CartersTimtations, his online bakeshop. My family was excited because we have been telling him for years that he should be selling his desserts.

Blueberry Muffins & Snickerdoodle Cookies from Carterstimtations

I got my wallet and placed an order as soon as the site went live. Like a good aunt, I ordered everything. I can report that everything ordered is gone, eaten, finished. I managed to get a few pictures. There is no way for me to limit my favorite to one thing, so I will tell you what the people in my house tried to hide in the fridge.

yes, I ordered 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies

To begin, everyone agreed the cinnamon rolls are amazing. My daughter said she had to text her cousin and let him know about his amazing his cinnamon rolls. Tip, the website says four, I cut mine in half and it was filling. However, the blueberry muffins, I ate the whole muffin, warmed with a little butter and a cup of tea. Delicious. Regarding the brownies, the goal was to eat half and freeze half, to enjoy at a later time. Didn’t happen, brownies never made it to the freezer. Same with the cookies, all gone and we enjoyed them. And you will too, be sure to let me know after you enjoy your order!

Stay safe and God Bless you and yours


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