Juneteenth 2020 – March 113, 2020

Years ago riding around the streets of Baltimore, I would hear the DJ on V103, pushing Juneteenth cookouts at Druid Hill Park. I knew it had something to do with slavery, but I admit I was not up to speed on the history of Juneteenth. It came into focus as the years progressed. And by the time I married Henry Davis, born in Witchita Falls, TX, he made sure I was very clear. every. year.

I’m glad that Juneteenth came into focus for so many this year. I am thrilled for the determined 93 year-old Opal Lee, who has been pushing for a national holiday for years.

Opal Lee never gave up

Recording artists dropped songs to commemorate the day, Deitrick Haddon and Queen Bey are among them

& I am more than happy to see many black businesses get long overdue props. If you know me, then you know that for years I have sought out African American merchants. At Christmas, I make it my business to find them. These are a few of my favorites,

Detroit Friends Potato Chips, they ship fast & if you have to call they answer the phone

Tracy West Irresistible Pound Cakes, she does mini pound cakes in different flavors

Chef Nedra Harris’ Pootie Spice, good stuff

Auzerais Bellamy of Blondery, waiting on an order now…for the house

Quellyrue sometimes you have to wait for a re-stock, she is that good

happy to see Brandon, whom I’ve known for years, get Juneteenth products

& my nephew, the engineer chef has dropped a site with his carterstimtations

& to all of the Fathers, Happy Father’s Day and God Bless You


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