March 41, 2020 Quarantime

Today is Good Friday and for so many it does not feel like a good Friday. This is what I know, the good in Good Friday does not come from our goodness or the world’s goodness. Some theorists posit that Good Friday really meant God’s Friday; however this speculative. Other theorists posit that good at one time referred to holy, sacred or passion.  This theory is supported by many language experts.  For Christians, the good in Good Friday is all about the sacrifice of Jesus when He offered His life as the final sacrifice to redeem humanity from sin and suffering. Good Friday is the start of Jesus’ victorious defeat of wrath and sin on the cross. We call it Good because we know the dramatic end, the resurrection of Christ.

Hospital chaplains are on the front line, keep them in your prayers

Yesterday, Prince Georges County Executive Angela D. Alsobrooks, said that covid-19 is in every zip code of our county. Beautiful Leilani Jordan worked at the Giant in Largo, MD

CIDRAP at the University of Minnesota has links to fascinating maps that track the spread and saturation of covid-19

This week I made Founding Farmers cornbread, it disappeared in a day. The recipe calls for 2 skillets, I used one plus a small le creuset baking dish. I also made broccoli parmesan fritters from SmittenKitchen, they were good too, but I probably won’t make them again. My favorite broccoli recipe is still Ina Garten’s where I swap the pine nuts for slivered almonds, sometimes I skip the basil leaves and lemon, never the parmesan

It is no secret that I love Hamilton. I am still anticipating seeing the touring company this summer when Marcus John, a former student of Jaguar Players director extraordinaire Shanelle Ingram, will be a cast member. In the meantime, John Krasinski made my day with a good news zoom surprise. I was near tears seeing familiar faces that took me back to 2016, my first time seeing this musical brilliance, if you want to skip, start at minute 10

with prayers faith and love


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