the Wedding We Needed March 78, 2020 Quarantime

Three years ago, I remember reading an article about how Elaine Welteroth met her husband Jonathan Singletary. I thought it was the sweetest thing re-connecting in New York after knowing each other as children in the Bay Area of CA. In the years following their engagement, she wrote a best-selling book and starred as a judge on Project Runway. If you follow her on IG, you knew that her plans called for a May wedding on Mount Diablo in CA. Without revealing details about how she dealt with the Covid-19 bridal dilemma confronting brides; delight yourself in this happy heart-melting article including amazing photos in Vogue

Elaine Welteroth walking down the aisle photo: Annabel of Belathee

Read if you want to know how brides are managing the wedding dilemma in the Middle East

Last week I mentioned Trina Jenkins and the Grace Girls session that she hosted online. There is another must-see video that she did with her family, Nobody Wins When the Family Feuds. For me, this was an unbeatable combination of tears rolling down my cheeks funny, emotionally revealing and inspirational family dialogue. I felt so strongly about it, I got my family to watch it so I could see it again. God Bless the Jenkins family for sharing

For me, summer school started this week and I did not get to try a new recipe. I did make a pot of greens, mixing collards and kale. Years ago, when I discovered Wylie’s Eat Your Greens, I stopped using meat to season greens. Now when I cook greens, I sauté onions and garlic in olive oil. After rinsing the greens, I cut off the thick stems, and I roll a bunch of the leaves into a cigar roll. Then I cut them in wide chiffonade and add them to the pot with whatever broth I have on hand along with the Wylie’s seasoning and pepper. Cooking greens requires using your intuition. If you let them simmer and do their thing, they will let you know if they need more liquid or seasoning and they will be delicious and healthy

Finally, this week MD commences the re-opening process, i’m taking baby steps, going FaithForward, Prayers Staying Up


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