What A Witness!

Last month, when my husband and I were heading home after Saturday night service, we learned that the home of Rev. Ericka Platt and her daughter Dominique had caught fire.  We offered immediate prayers of thanksgiving that they were not home and no one was injured.  Her home was a loss, and Rev. Platt and her daughter were left with only the clothes  they were wearing. 

The next morning at the 7:30 a.m. service, Rev. Platt was in service, sitting in the overflow room, with her fiancé, Officer Erick Banks. Pastor Davis noticed her on the monitor as he was closing his message.  He asked her to come to the sanctuary for prayer.  Her words, before the prayer, need no more of an intro, just listen.

“allow your story to Give God the Glory”  H. P. Davis, lll 1/18/15


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