Last month I was in Paris with friends. I call them the Fab Four.  We had an amazing time celebrating with Janet Miller, whose dream was to travel to Paris for her big 5-0.  On Sunday everyone wanted to go to church and I suggested we worship at Temple du Marais, the church where I worshipped with my son and daughter on Resurrection Sunday last year. 

  l-r  Brigette Greene, Danielle Hickman, Monique Carter & Janet Miller

l-r Brigette Greene, Danielle Hickman, Monique Carter & Janet Miller

We arrived just a bit late and there was a woman at the door directing worshippers.  She said something in French to our group.  I missed what she said and I told her that we were visiting, thinking we could enter and take a seat.  She shook her head no.  We could not enter.  My first thought was that there were not enough seats for our group.  At the same time there was a couple taking pictures in front of the church.  When they finished they tried to enter and they were refused as well.  The woman (whose French was slightly better than mine) tried to ascertain why we could not enter.  She told me that the church doorkeeper suggested we come to a service later in the day.  I could hear some of the Fab Four expressing disbelief that we could not enter the service.  When another worshipper walked past us and the doorkeeper let him in, I looked in and saw a few empty seats in the same area where I sat with my son and daughter a year ago.  A woman inside the church, who seemed to be an usher, looked at me.  I held up five fingers, “Cinq personnes” I whispered trying to gain entry.  This woman nodded yes, I looked at the doorkeeper and she shook her head no.

The couple gave up and left.  I also noticed that my Fab Four friends had moved to the street and they were taking pictures.  The doorkeeper wrote something on a piece of paper, 15:30h and 17:30h.  She was telling me the other service times. I knew from the church’s website that they had services later in the day and that the morning worship was the traditional service.  I also knew we were at the service we were seeking.  I tried to communicate this and then I said, “ Je suis Christian. Nous sommes Christians,” pointing to my friends.  The doorkeeper nodded and opened the door. 

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

 After church smiling faces, Monique, Brigette, Janet, Weptanomah & Danielle

After church smiling faces, Monique, Brigette, Janet, Weptanomah & Danielle



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