Well Dressed & Well Kept

             First Lady Franshon Barnes                             photo credit D Taylor Images

            First Lady Franshon Barnes                             photo credit D Taylor Images

Last year, one of the first posts for this site featured the upcoming nuptials of Franshon Reid and Rev. Willie Barnes, Jr. People are still talking about the overwhelming love and magnificent splendor experienced at their wedding, and the downright good time enjoyed at the reception. Coupled with starting a new life as Mrs.Barnes, Franshon joined her husband’s side in ministry as First Lady of the Mount Zion A.M.E. Church in Daytona Beach, FL. In the midst of all the newness, her creative and entrepreneurial drive led Franshon to launch WELL KEPT, a line of clothing and accessories for wives and single women. Here she shares what led her to this unique design. Right now, you can view and preorder from the line. I love the logo and the bright pink color, it is really eye catching.  This summer I was at the train station to pick up one of the WELL KEPT models (okay, my daughter) and she was wearing one of the tees. She said that people were asking her about it in the station. What a great opportunity to witness as well.  You will definitely see me wearing the long sleeve version of this and this, I may have to get the whole line. 


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