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 Minister Kevin V. Gresham ll Minister Kevin V. Gresham ll


Dead End or Divine Encounter? Discovering Opportunity through Adversity is a new book from Minister Kevin V. Gresham ll. It is already receiving positive reviews from young people who are encouraged by the testimony from the author. Since moving back to the states, after working overseas in Afghanistan and London for the federal government, Minister Gresham ll is excited about the publication of his first book. When asked how he was inspired to write the book Minister Gresham ll points to Revelation 12:11, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…” Minister Gresham ll said that it was through this scripture and his personal devotional time with God that he experienced the burning desire to share how the Lord brought him out of the deep and dark dungeon of failure. He said, “for those who have witnessed the redemptive hand of the Lord, the question becomes have I answered the call of the Lord to speak and share what God has done for me? Which means if I never share my story, never share my testimony, or never share how the Lord has turned my mess into a message, that person’s life might be held up in the mess because I neglected to share my message. I didn’t want to be a person who looks at life selfishly, knowing that what I learned may help someone either recover or bypass the mistakes that I made. For there is no way the Lord allows us to go through all of the things that we go through just for exercises in futility.”

Even though the book appeals to all ages, one of the best things about Dead End or Divine Encounter? is that Minister Gresham ll wrote it with young adults in mind. He feels that this age group is often the invisible population in the church and is sometimes the misunderstood population our communities. Minister Gresham ll said, “I wanted to write something that would show real struggle but also real change that leads to a productive end. Therefore, I wrote a spiritually rooted and socially practical book in order to bridge the gap. However, I believe the book remains open enough so that anyone of any age can glean its principles. It can be a struggle to connect how Sunday worship can tangibly help on Tuesday night or Thursday afternoon. I believe everyone has moments where they feel they have reached a dead end in life. Moments that seem impossible to overcome, and people looking at them would agree that they are in an impossible predicament. However, in every adversity there is an opportunity to see the good or to ultimately see God in a bad situation. I believe that every struggle and every trial is divine. Because with God on our side, nothing is impossible and nothing is unconquerable. I do believe that we must play a part in the process. Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” The first clause of that verse helps us understand that God can do anything that we ask or think. However, the second clause tells the way to release God to work in our lives, our faith! This is the reason why I spend 30% of the writing to encourage people to not give-up at their dead end and the other 70% detailing how to walk by faith after identifying the dead end. Each section in the book also has a corresponding application section. It does not make sense to reach a dead end with out realizing that we need to find out how to move away from it. This ultimately means that we need to play a part in our deliverance and not expect God to do everything without us doing anything.”

When asked if there was anything he missed about living in London, Minister Gresham ll mentions his commute and Ruach City Church. In London he lived one bus stop away from many famous attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben and the London Eye. And his commute to work, from his flat to his office seat, at the US Embassy, was fifteen minutes. Now that he is back home his commute runs between forty-five minutes to an hour and a half. He also misses Bishop John Francis and the Ruach family, he credits them with helping his family transition into London residents. He states that having a church to attend was essential, but to find a church like Ruach was even more of a blessing because of the unique Spirit the ministry cultivated. Ruach City Church has a tremendous presence in London and for them it was an awesome worship experience.

                                        Minister Gresham with his wife Callece and their daughter                                        Minister Gresham with his wife Callece and their daughter

Currently, Minister Gresham ll also serves the Greater Saint John Church as the Young Adult Minister under the pastorate of his father Bishop Kevin V. Gresham, Sr. Going forward, with genuine excitement, he looks forward to being the best husband to his wife, Callece, and best father to his daughter. Minister Gresham ll closed by saying, “I truly believe the Lord has called me to preach and teach His gospel. I live, breathe, and sleep ministry and truly desire to do the will of Christ. I would like to continue sharing the message of my book to any and everyone. I believe it would be an awesome source of encouragement for middle and high school students or for students who are having trouble in school and need practical instruction on how they can start the turn-around process. As a praise report, I have messages from people of all ages who have been blessed by the book. My favorite so far is the one from a mother in Abu Dhabi who said her son, who is in middle school, read my book and was inspired to start taking his schoolwork seriously.

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