Your Promise and You

On Saturday, the 20th, Lady Nakia Wright, along with Elder Diahann Smith, hosted another one of her can’t miss events at Jabbok International Ministries. It was a Your Promise and You Vision Board Brunch. I know that I was not the only one who had a spiritually delightful and inspirational fun day. One of Lady Nakia Wright’s spiritual gifts is the ability to sprinkle fun and excitement into ministry enrichment for women. And so, our morning began with a delicious feast of waffles, fried chicken, eggs, home fries, grits and fruit. And get this, Lady Nakia Wright made, with her very own hands, in her kitchen, 200 cupcakes.  In different flavors too, she even made Better than you know what cupcakes! I had one and it was mighty tasty.

 Lady Nakia Wright & Elder Diahann Smith Lady Nakia Wright & Elder Diahann Smith

More treasure for the day came as a beautiful book of courage cards handmade by Elder Diahann Smith. Everyone got one of her artistic treasures. Elder Diahann Smith also ministered, in flowing words, a message of inspiration. She encouraged us to consider the divine gifts God has stored in us. She made a few statements that I was able to get on paper, though all of it was noteworthy. She said, “As a servant there ought to be a burden.” and “If you belong to Him (God) you’re not running the show.” If the benediction had come after that, I’d have been good.  After her message we were ready and motivated to craft our boards for remembrance. One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing all the sisters receive a certificate. It was unique because the certificate ceremony took place before the vision craft work started. The food, the glittered book and certificate, we got swag and food before we did our work. The rewards came first and for me there was something truly motivating and energizing in that arrangement. I believe I speak for all the sisters in the room, we had the best most blessed special time. Shout out to my son, he woke me that Saturday morning. Still trying to get my feet under me since my return home from the UK, I did not know where I was and would have slept through an event I surely did not want to miss. Grateful

 Book of Courage Cards and Certificate, glimpse that fried chicken in the corner Book of Courage Cards and Certificate, glimpse that fried chicken in the corner  vision boards in progress vision boards in progress


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