Silverlake Celebration

When asked what her favorite part of the day was, First Lady Geneva DeVaughn said, “it was the Praise and Worship time in our new facility. God manifested the vision of our pastor (Rev. Reginald DeVaughn, Sr.) and it was wonderful to praise and worship Him in the new sanctuary.” Pastor DeVaughn’s vision was that the ministry’s construction would begin with worship services in the building that will now be the Children’s Ministry Facility and then later build the main sanctuary. First Lady DeVaughn said, “it was a great and beautiful feeling to see what only God could do come to fruition.”

Pastor & First Lady DeVaughn preparing to cut the ribbon


Pastor & First Lady DeVaughn preparing to cut the ribbon

December 30, 2017 was the date of the grand New-Entry Service for Pastor and First Lady DeVaughn and church family of Silverlake Church The Church Beyond Sunday. They were honored to have Dr. Joe Samuel Ratliff deliver a message of encouragement. They were blessed to witness many pastors and dignitaries that came to join with them in celebration. Salutations were also received from clergy and officials such as Pastor Manson JohnsonCongresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and the Mayor of Pearland, Tom Reid.

In the inspiring words of First Lady DeVaughn, she states that the genesis of how our church started is amazing, and God continues to grow the church for His glory. We started in our home in Pearland, TX with about 7 members. Then we moved temporarily to a Holiday Inn in Houston. Then we moved back to Pearland into a leased space. Then, by God’s favor we were blessed with 40 acres of land. My husband tells this testimony better than me, but a very prominent landowner in Pearland, TX, Mr. O’Day, found favor with my husband and wanted us to have the land. Nobody but God!

God blessed us with 40 acres of land, this means our new building is on the same site as our first building. Since moving into the new sanctuary, our former sanctuary is now used for our children’s ministries and special events. The new sanctuary seats 2,000 people. It is a state of the art building with classrooms, daycare, choir rooms and offices. We have plans for additional facilities to serve the community.

Dr. Samuel Joe Ratliff delivering the message

Silverlake Church started almost 23 years ago and I have seen so many miracles of healing, deliverance and transformation. God continues to grow the ministry and transform many lives.  Pastor and I are determined to lift the Savior and not ourselves. When we keep lifting Jesus up, He draws all men unto Him! When people are drawn to God, transformation and positive changes take place. It has been a blessing to be used by God for His glory.

The DeVaughn Family

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