There’s Someone Holding Up A Bible

Monday started with the service for Mr. Freddie Gray. It ended with me and my husband watching CNN when we got home from ministry at Highland Park. We were waiting to hear from my brother, Pastor Harold Carter at New Shiloh Baptist Church.  Sometime after 11, Chris Cuomo was reporting live from the corner of Fulton and North Avenue.  Across the street someone had set the liquor store ablaze and a small group of protestors were at the same corner. The police were across the street on the same corner as Chris Cuomo and a car, in the middle of the intersection, was on fire.  I know the intersection. I pass it every time I leave New Shiloh.  A fire truck pulled up and police in riot gear seemed to be figuring out to manage the crisis when Chris Cuomo said, “Right now there’s someone holding up a Bible, Jay, come around here you can see there’s a man holding up a Bible.” This man was walking right in the midst of the fire, police and protestors. I don’t know what the man with the Bible, the police or the protestors were saying.  I only know what I saw. The police soon moved across the street, shoulder to shoulder, in riot gear and with the fire truck.  Then the police were able to get the mother, child and father out of the house.  When the camera view panned out, the man with the Bible was still there, hands still up, one hand still holding his Bible.  Though this clip is edited, you can see moments of the scene as it occurred.



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