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                                                Katie Davis Majors on her wedding day with her daughters who were her bridesmaids Katie Davis Majors on her wedding day with her daughters who were her bridesmaids

Years ago, in an issue of Just Between Us, I read about a young woman who was so moved after a missions trip to Uganda that she decided to return and make Uganda her home. Her name is Katie Davis, and her book Kisses from Katie-A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption became a New York Times bestseller. Katie made her first trip to Uganda with her mother. During the three-week trip, she was convinced in her spirit that Uganda felt like home. When she returned stateside, she immediately started looking for ways to return. Her parents agreed that she could return to Uganda for nine months to teach kindergarten, if she promised to attend college when she returned. She was a college student for one semester and the desire to return to Uganda became overwhelming and undeniable. Katie said that she liked college but she could no longer live with her body in one place and her soul in another. Upon her return to Uganda she adopted 13 girls and founded Amazima Ministries International. Amazima is a marvelous ministry that feeds, educates and encourages vulnerable people in need in Uganda.

Last year Katie married Benji Majors. The beauty of their love story is that though they grew up in the same state, they met in Uganda, when Benji arrived to do missions work. In the words of Katie, “we shared a hometown with only a few hilltops to keep our adolescent lives from ever intersecting.” God is amazing, His wonders to behold.

                                               Mr. Benji & Mrs. Katie Majors Mr. Benji & Mrs. Katie Majors

Following the ministry of this amazing young woman has been inspirational to many. Prayers are continually lifted for her, her family and the Amazima team. People all over support the work and you can too. If you are new to the work of Katie Davis Majors and Amazima then by all means get acquainted with the compassionate and life-changing work the Lord is doing through her. You can read an in-depth profile about Katie’s story here and visit Amazima to read more about the work and how you can support this ministry. View the video below for an overview of the ministries of Amazima in Jinja Uganda.


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