Resurrection Means…

                                                            Rev. Dr. Stephen Bauman preaching his sermon on the Resurrection Rev. Dr. Stephen Bauman preaching his sermon on the Resurrection

This year my daughter did not have a break from her studies and not wanting her to be alone for Easter weekend my son and I made the trip to visit her.  The hidden agenda in my plan was to witness the Easter Parade on Fifth Ave. Growing up, I always looked forward to seeing the ladies in their bonnets in the Sunday Styles section of the Times. Over the years it has become more eclectic but it remained a hidden desire of mine. Below you can view some of the fabulous participants.

But first, my bunny offspring and I were blessed to start our day at Christ Church. Rev. Dr. Stephan Bauman, the senior minister, delivered a beautiful message that wove together the themes resurrection, forgiveness and the future. He asked us to consider the relationship that Jesus had with his disciples, how close they had become. “The betrayal of Peter was personal devastation borne out of relationship.” This kind of devastation is “not just broken, but to broken to mend. The world is organized so that Good Friday wins.” Rev. Bauman continued his sermon with, “Resurrection is a strong movement into the future.” He continued with points about forgiveness and my friends, this is when he gets to the hallelujah part. He said, “and by the way look at what forgiveness does, forgiveness does not heal the past, it gives one the future. Peter and the disciples got back their future.” This is amazing when I consider that Peter, Thomas and the other disciples were able to establish the church and proclaim the gospel after their failures on Good Friday. As Rev. Bauman said, “the Resurrection means that the last thing is never the worst thing.” Amen and Praise God


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