A Divine Destiny

A little over a year ago, on September 2, 2015, Pastor Anthony Chandler came to Highland Park to preach for one of the pre-anniversary services for Pastor Henry Davis. Before coming into the sanctuary for service Pastor Chandler told Pastor Davis that his wife, Dr. Taleshia Chandler had just received a cancer diagnosis. During the service, listening to Pastor Chandler, one would not have had an inkling that he was preaching with a weighted heart. Right before benediction, Pastor Davis shared with the congregation the concern of Pastor Chandler and he led us in sacred prayer for healing, recovery and health for Dr. Taleshia Chandler.

This year, on August 31, when Pastor Anthony Chandler came to preach for the pre-anniversary service he came, as always, with an anointed sermon. Pastor Chandler also came with a praise report, his wife, Dr. Taleshia Chandler is doing well and has exceeded medical expectations. As a congregation we rejoice, Hallelujah, God answers prayers.

 Dr. Taleshia Chandler with her husband Dr. Anthony Chandler at her graduation from Walden University in 2015

Dr. Taleshia Chandler with her husband Dr. Anthony Chandler at her graduation from Walden University in 2015

A Divine Detour: From Doctorate to Diagnosis to Destiny is the book authored by Dr. Taleshia Chandler that chronicles her experience from a year that began with her completing doctoral studies in educational psychology at Walden University to undergoing intensive cancer treatment.

I picked up the book, flipping through pages to skim and get a sense of the perspective. My eyes fell on the words, “Once the scan was complete, I vividly remember the technician asking me, ‘What did you do to mangle your bones like this?’” After a few more lines, I changed my plans in order to read A Divine Detour cover to cover.

What is amazing about this book is Taleshia Chandler’s honesty. As a pastor’s wife, she pulls back the curtain and reveals pain, hopes, fears and frustrations. She does this not only as it relates to her diagnosis, but to her relationship with her husband as well. Chapter 4, “I Feel Like A Virgin” that’s all imma say. Dr. Taleshia Chandler penned a memoir that shares the outpour of her heart. The blessing is that in her sharing she frees the reader to acknowledge that the detours of our human journey do not diminish the divinity of our Savior.

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