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On Wednesday night, we packed into Highland Park to hear 7millennials each take 7minutes and expound on one of the 7 last sayings of Jesus on the Cross. This is my take on the  night. Most of us spend our time going through (some say slogging) our routines. If we let them (or maximize them) our routines ready us for the moments when doors of opportunity open. Those in the sanctuary Wednesday night witnessed the preparation of 7millennials meet up with their opportunity. They were on fire. They were excellent. And shoutout to the millennial choir, they were fired up and excellent too. Every now and then there is a shift, on Wednesday night a shift took place.

The Black Church Matters, if you go you already know that. If you need some talking points, for your friends and kin who don’t this will help.

If you need talking points on Resurrection matters, Gary Habermas is a noted Christian apologist on the Resurrection of Jesus. This short video of him is good.

In a move towards racial reconciliation, Pastor Dennis Rouse of Victory World Church in Atlanta has initiated One to address race. One of his initial efforts on this road was foot washing. Listen to Pastor Rouse and view him washing the feet of young African American Men.

Do you dress up for Easter Sunday? I believe in the dress up and the new suit, but I pause at the hat. If I had my mother’s head I’d be all over it, people tell me I got my dad’s head. Which  means unless I have a hat stretched to a size I won’t mention a hat will give me a massive headache. Nevertheless, I do love church hats and the people who make them.

During this weekend of reflection and the glory of new beginnings if you are unaware of your spiritual gifts this inventory will assess your strengths. Go forth and share your gifts someone is waiting.

In the photo above, Millennial Squad 2017  l-r Joseph Bennett, Princena Simpkins, Justin Spencer, Kendra Beard, Ramsi L Gilbert, Jordan Dent & Carl Felton, III    photo: Rev. Shelia Dent


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  1. April 20, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    To God be the Glory!!! There’s a shifting and a shaking of the Spirit at FBCHighland Park. Five of the seven millennials I have watched grow from AWANA to Jesus and Me Youth Ministry, graduate high school and college.

    God has His hand on all of them. Thank you Rev. Dr. Henry P Davis III.

    In His Service,
    Dec. Deatrice S. Besong Cell: 301.385.4218 Email:

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