Share Your Testimony

 l-r Rhonda Dickerson, Shanice L. Stewart, Taneya Pair, Elise B. Gordon, Desiree G. Smith, Leslie Foxx l-r Rhonda Dickerson, Shanice L. Stewart, Taneya Pair, Elise B. Gordon, Desiree G. Smith, Leslie Foxx

The book, Share Your Testimony Volume 1:  Women Who Overcome is the printed fruit of the vision God gave to Shanice L. Stewart. The visionary for the Share Your Testimony ministry, Shanice L. Stewart, said that in August 2015, God placed on her heart that she would host an event for women to share their testimony. Her initial reaction of excitement turned to apprehension as the event’s date drew closer. She states in the book’s introduction that God answered her prayer by sending women with powerful testimonies. In 2016, Share Your Testimony hosted five events, each time women were able to connect with other women. Shanice L. Stewart says that she witnessed women receive healing from past experiences and traumas at these events. When she asked God what to do next, she said that God told her it was time to turn Share Your Testimony into a series of books.

In the premier volume of Share Your Testimony the authors include Leslie Foxx, Elise B. Gordon, Rhonda Dickerson, Desiree G. Smith, Taneya Pair and the visionary Shanice L. Stewart. I became aware of the publication of the book through Taneya Pair, who I got to know at FBHP’s  Women’s Retreat in 2015. I remember her being in the prayer room for early risers and since that time I have come to know her as a beautiful young woman with a sincere and loving heart determined to follow the voice of God for her life. I praise God for all of the beautiful sisters who contributed to this inspirational book. These sisters have peeled back the layers of their journey and called out roads that led them away and astray. The glory of their story is revealed in the road that led each sister to her divine and unique relationship to Christ as Savior.

This book is an inspirational and encouraging read for anyone. To that let me add, if you know someone who feels that life has become difficult with circumstances that seem impossible to overcome then Share Your Testimony is a must read.

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                                            The Beautiful Ladies of Share Your Testimony                                            The Beautiful Ladies of Share Your Testimony


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