Juneteenth 2018

Recognition of Juneteenth is necessary, now more than ever. The persistent resistance and military force needed to end slavery delayed notification of freedom to slaves in Texas. The galvanizing actions of the newly freed people to ensure that Juneteenth was more than a pronouncement is still warranted today. Warranted in our communities and at our borders. I have yet to speak to a person of color who is surprised at the actions of the current administration. Listen, Every. Living. First. Lady. has a statement calling for our country to do better and keep families together. That right there is unprecedented. If you are African American then, like me, your ancestral history is tied to the legacy of inhumane separation that is in the DNA of this country. America is demonstrating it is not out of practice.

How did the enforcement of a law become an order to separate children from mothers and fathers? Did you know that there is no official protocol for keeping a record of where children are sent so that they can be reunited with their parents? Did you know that the scripture used by Jeff Sessions to defend this administration’s policy is the same one that was used to condone slavery?

I know that like me, you are praying and calling on Jesus to heal our nation. If you want to do something to help the children, here are some suggestions.

KIND, Kids in Need of Defense works to ensure that a child has quality representation for court appearances.

LIRS, Lutheran Immigration Services offers a variety of ways to assist, you can even write a letter of encouragement to someone being detained.

Tomorrow is World Refugee Day, American Baptist Home Mission Societies, ABHMS will co-sponsor a faith vigil on Capitol Hill as one of their ongoing efforts to aid in this crisis.


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