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Sunday was Baccalaureate Day at Highland Park. This service allows us to salute the academic accomplishments our members. It is always exciting and encouraging to see men and women who have actualized a long held desire to earn a degree. This year’s Baccalaureate speaker was Melonie Wright, a 2016 graduate of Emory University School of Law.

                                                      Pastor Henry P Davis and the speaker Melonie Wright

                                                     Pastor Henry P Davis and the speaker Melonie Wright

Last year at Heather Lindsey’s Pinky Promise Baby Shower, one of the speakers was Melonie Wright. Heather Lindsey posted a photo with her and I learned that she was a law student with a young daughter. After I learned of her, I would view her IG account from time to time and keep her and her daughter lifted in prayer. Knowing that she was balancing motherhood, law studies and managing a home, I wanted to check to see that she was okay. Her commitment to the Bible and devotional time was what pulled my spirit to Melonie. I was one of what was becoming a growing audience boosting her to the finish line. Sometimes she would post a scripture with her reflections and it would pack so much inspiration that I would have to send it to someone to say check your belly aching.

When my husband told me that he was working on inviting the baccalaureate speaker, I told him he might want to look into Melonie Wright. To me she is a powerful example of the redemptive power of the Gospel on a life surrendered to Jesus Christ. Pastor Davis reached out to her and she said though she is studying for the bar exam, she would come to speak.

                                     Highland Park 2016 Baccalaureate Graduates   photo credit: Doraleena S Hackett

                                    Highland Park 2016 Baccalaureate Graduates   photo credit: Doraleena S Hackett

With deliberate purpose and without raising her voice, Melonie Wright delivered a powerful message. She did not hold back. Someone told me in the parking lot, “if you do not know how to live your life now you have totally missed all the marks.” Listening to such traumatic events, coming from the mouth of a poised and beautiful young lady, at times I could not get over what I was hearing. She held the attention of young and old. The turbo charge is that she articulates her journey honestly and biblically. She peeled back the curtain of her life and said this is what I did with what God gave me and this is what He did when I surrendered my life back to Him.

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