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Well Dressed & Well Kept

Last year, one of the first posts for this site featured the upcoming nuptials of Franshon Reid and Rev. Willie Barnes, Jr. People are still talking about the overwhelming love and magnificent splendor experienced at their wedding, and the downright good time enjoyed at the reception. Coupled with starting a new life as Mrs.Barnes, Franshon joined her husband’s side in ministry as First Lady of the Mount Zion A.M.E. Church in Daytona Beach, FL.


Lady Gwendolyn Young on From Vision to Fruition

As I traveled and shared in ministry throughout the Anne Arundel County, I met ministers’ wives and widows who did not have any connection with other ministers’ wives and widows. Many of them were experiencing challenges and there was no place for a minister’s wife to go for support or encouragement. Most did not know about the Maryland Association of Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows. My experience in the local, state and International Association of Ministers’ Wives and Ministers’ Widows has had a major impact in my life. It helped to shape the woman I am today.  I knew that women would benefit and find value, as I did, in a local organization. I also realized that the minister’s wife looks different today and her needs are different. It was time to come out of the box and meet minister’s wives where they are and I wanted to make a difference. 


Thanksgiving and Wonder

Today was a banner day at First Baptist Church of Highland Park. The steelworkers have finished their work and yesterday the concrete was poured for the sanctuary floor of the new church. The tradition at Scott-Long Construction is to mark the event with a pig roast. Though we were new to their tradition, a group from Highland Park joined the workers and we marked the event with Prayer and Praise on the new concrete floor. 



Last month I was in Paris with friends. I call them the Fab Four.  We had an amazing time celebrating with Janet Miller, whose dream was to travel to Paris for her big 5-0.  On Sunday everyone wanted to go…


Bible Study in Charleston

The violence in Charleston is felt on two fronts, as an African American and particularly as a Christian.  I have talked to people from Charleston, who live in Maryland, and they remain in a state of shock.  It is impossible to make sense of the senseless tragedy.  It is possible to reflect and act in a way that honors the lives of the saints who took their flight to Glory from Emanuel A.M.E. Church.


There’s Someone Holding Up A Bible

Monday started with the service for Mr. Freddie Gray. It ended with me and my husband watching CNN when we got home from ministry at Highland Park. We were waiting to hear from my brother, Pastor Harold Carter at New Shiloh Baptist Church.  Sometime after 11, Chris Cuomo was reporting live from the corner of Fulton and North Avenue.


Résurrection Dimanche

So, in order to get our son overseas and not interrupt his perfect attendance, my son and I flew to London during spring break. On Saturday, we took the train to Paris for an overnight stay. Several blocks from our hotel was the Temple du Marais, in French the sign detailed three services for Resurrection Sunday.  I told my children we would attend the 10:30 service. 


Healthy Preacher on the MOVE

Dr. Robert E. Young, pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church in Braddock, PA, was at the front end of the faith and fit curve when he started the Healthy Preacher Movement.  The genesis occurred when Pastor Young was completing his doctoral studies.  He committed to a disciplined routine of taking his children to school, exercise, pastoral work and writing. Wilt thou be made whole, the question Jesus asked the man at the pool in Bethesda, continually resonated in Pastor Young’s mind.


What A Witness!

Last month, when my husband and I were heading home after Saturday night service, we learned that the home of Rev. Ericka Platt and her daughter Dominique had caught fire.  We offered immediate prayers of thanksgiving that they were not home and no one was injured.  Her home was a loss, and Rev. Platt and her daughter were left with only the clothes  they were wearing.  

The next morning at the 7:30 a.m. service, Rev. Platt was in service, sitting in the overflow room, with her fiancé, Officer Erick Banks. Pastor Davis noticed her on the monitor as he was closing his message.


I Grew Up in Ferguson

Lady Lenyar Robinson of Dream Life Worship Center, Randallstown, MD, arrived in St. Louis, MO last night.  She was able to get to her parents’ home, for Thanksgiving, one hour before the airport closed and inbound planes were diverted to other airports due to reports of gunshots fired into the air.  When she was reached this a.m. by phone she said that it is difficult to articulate what is going on in her community.


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